Who is this Crafty PhD, anyway?

I’ve been crafty my whole life – I picked up sewing when I was still in elementary school, sewing my first teddy bear from a fabric panel. My mom helped me understand all the steps in the instructions, but I made the bear. I made stuffed toys, clothes and costumes all throughout my school years.

I also picked up cross-stitch when I was in junior high school. I bought a starter kit which had very basic instructions. Most of the cross-stitch I did went as gifts to people, but I did take the time to make a full carousel for myself – it is framed and hanging in my craft room.

Since then I’ve dabbled in many crafts from mosaics to basket making, soap making to pottery. Right now I’m obsessed with scrapbooking. I also sew and make jewelry.

As for that PhD? It’s not in craft-ology. Nope, I have a PhD in astronomy, but don’t hold that against me! Even us science-y types can be creative. Check out my posts and judge for yourself.

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