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Handmade Halloween


Halloween is my favorite holiday…with Christmas a close second. Needless to say, I love Halloween crafting as well. One of my favorites is a “Spooky Countdown” that I made a couple years ago. I still hang it every year and use it do count down the days to Halloween.

I started with a plain jelly roll pan – it’s in important to have a pan with a small depth, because the countdown magnets are kept on the back of the pan. This is convenient not only for the month of October during the countdown, but for storage during the year.

I covered the back of the pan with strips of Halloween-themed papers and then cut the numbers 1-31 out using my Cricut. I laid the numbers out in a grid along with the words “Spooky countdown” and “Halloween”. I used my Crop A Dile to punch holes to tie a wire-rimmed ribbon for hanging the countdown.

Next was the fun part – I cut out 31 squares of different colors then decorated each with Halloween cut-outs, chipboard, brads, buttons and stickers. On the back of each I hot-glued on a small magnet.

It’s so fun to watch the calendar fill up as Halloween grows closer and closer!

Scrapping with friends


I do most of my crafting by myself, but that’s mostly because it can be so hard to coordinate my crazy schedule with my crafty friends. But I love, love, love when I find a day when my friend Laurie and I can get together to scrap. Usually we start at about 10AM and go until 10PM, 11PM, or midnight.

My friend Laurie and I have been scrapping together for over 6 years. She and I have very different styles – she loves clean lines and uses just a few pictures on her pages where I love a bit of chaos and I use as many pictures as I can reasonably fit on the page. I think our different styles complement each other when we’re scrapping side-by-side. I’ll ask her about embellishments for a page or a title or where to put journalling, and she always has great suggestions. And I can usually pipe up when she needs a second opinion on what she is working on.

Our scrapping days usually have a similar pattern – when one of us arrives at the other’s house, we bring in our stuff and immediately start chatting. We both share some of our latest projects that we’ve finished since our last get-together. We slowly bring out our current projects, though we concentrate more on catching-up than on our projects. Many times we decide that we absolutely must go to the scrapbook store, so off we go, grabbing lunch while we’re out. Rarely do we finish our first pages before 3PM. Right about then, we decide that we really need to get some work done, so we settle in, chatting a little but scrapping more and more. We break for dinner, usually ordering in pizza or sending our husbands out for something. Then we work into the dark hours of the night until the one visiting decides that they had best drive home before they get too tired to drive. Always a fun day.

Over the course of all of our scrapping sessions, Laurie and I have discovered that the first rule of scrapping is that we will expand to fill whatever space we are given. We embrace this rule, as illustrated in the pictures (and yes, that’s Laurie looking cute at our last scrapping day).

Scrapping Process


I think I mentioned that scrapbooking is my current obsession. My current strategy is to make one scrapbook (with 12″x12″ pages) for each year. Okay, so often this is actually two scrapbooks, because I take a lot of pictures. My books start in 2003, which is the year I stopped putting pictures in regular albums. I might go backwards from there, but first I need to catch up to today. How close am I? Errr…I’m currently scrapping my 2007 pictures. But I’m on track to get 2007 and 2008 done this year. It’s possible I could get into 2009 also, but holiday gift season is coming fast, so maybe not.

Today I did three spreads from my 2007 album, and wanted to share a bit of my process for creating a spread. This time I was doing pictures from a trip to Chicago, and was devoting one page of the spread to a day at the Museum of Science and Industry and the other page to some of the art around Chicago.

My first step is to pick papers and pictures. For the pictures, I usually do between 2-5 pictures per page, so I rifle through all my pictures for the particular event and choose the ones that will work best on the page. Once I have the pictures, I can start playing with how to lay them out on the page.

For this spread, I have two pages from the same trip but of different events, so I wanted the papers to be complimentary, but I also wanted the pages to be distinct.

Here’s what I started with:

Once I have a basic layout worked out, I start to pick out other, larger, elements for the page, such as places to put tickets or other things I’ve collected on the trip and places to journal. I also plan out where to put the page title. One important element for this particular spread was the rocket ship on the paper for the left-hand page – I wanted to be sure not to cover it up.

Then I start to glue things in place, always starting with the elements that go under other elements. (That might seem obvious, but every once in a while I forget an element or two!)

For this layout, I wanted to create a pocket for the museum ticket that I had saved from the trip. I used one of the pictures (actually a postcard in this case), and glued just three sides of the image, leaving the top open. Then the ticket sits in the pocket, peeking out the top of the picture.

When I looked at my chosen letters to put the title on my science museum page, I noticed…gasp…I was out of the letter “c”. What to do? No problem, I just took the letter “q”, which I rarely use, and clipped it into a “c”. You’d never know!

After gluing the larger elements, I decided on a few smaller embellishments to enhance the page. Here’s the final result:

I did a couple of things to tie the two pages together, even though they were from different events. One was to use blue jewels on both pages.

I also popped up a few elements on each page to add some dimension and tie the pages together.

Want to see my other pages from the day? Here they are:

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