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Pinspired: Loyalty card holder


I’ll admit it, I’m a Pinterest addict. I can quit anytime…honest. Actually, I don’t want to quit – there are a lot of great craft ideas there!

My husband and I, like many people, have a huge number of loyalty cards that we carry around in our car. The cards had migrated out of our wallets when their number became a bit unwieldy. But they just went into a small pouch. When we needed one, we had to pull out all the cards and look through them one-by-one until we found the one we wanted, then wrestle the cards back into the pouch. The whole process was annoying.

Pinterest came to our rescue. I found the following tutorial on how to make a case for all those loyalty cards:

It’s a fairly simple project, and a brilliant solution to the loyalty card problem.

Here’s the one I made:
Loyalty card carrier - closed

Loyalty card carrier - open 1

And here it is with cards in it. The best part? There’s room for more!
Loyalty card carrier - filled

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