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Handmade Halloween


Halloween is my favorite holiday…with Christmas a close second. Needless to say, I love Halloween crafting as well. One of my favorites is a “Spooky Countdown” that I made a couple years ago. I still hang it every year and use it do count down the days to Halloween.

I started with a plain jelly roll pan – it’s in important to have a pan with a small depth, because the countdown magnets are kept on the back of the pan. This is convenient not only for the month of October during the countdown, but for storage during the year.

I covered the back of the pan with strips of Halloween-themed papers and then cut the numbers 1-31 out using my Cricut. I laid the numbers out in a grid along with the words “Spooky countdown” and “Halloween”. I used my Crop A Dile to punch holes to tie a wire-rimmed ribbon for hanging the countdown.

Next was the fun part – I cut out 31 squares of different colors then decorated each with Halloween cut-outs, chipboard, brads, buttons and stickers. On the back of each I hot-glued on a small magnet.

It’s so fun to watch the calendar fill up as Halloween grows closer and closer!

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