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Display your Christmas Cards!


Shipping Pallet Card Holder

Last year I saw a picture of a Christmas card display out of a shipping pallet. I haven’t been able to find that pictures since then. For some reason I didn’t pin the picture when I first saw it.

No matter, I found a few other shipping pallet crafts, including Christmas trees from pallets, and was able to use those as inspiration for my own card holder.

The first trick was obtaining a shipping pallet. There are several places on the web enumerating ways to get free pallets, but fortunately, I had an “in” with a landscaper who regularly discards old pallets.

I cut the pallet in the shape of a Christmas tree, then spray painted it green. One issue I had (and would need to solve if I was making it for anyone else) was the stray nails that were poking out here and there. I pounded them into the wood as much as I could, but wouldn’t feel good about giving it to anyone else that way.

Next I cut out a variety of words from heavy paper using my Cricut. Using those as stencils, I painted them on the dried Christmas-tree-shaped pallet. I alternated the color of each word to make them stand out more. Then I added a star.

Finally, to make it into a card display, I added tiny clothespins.

Here’s my display holder before anyone had sent any cards and at the end of the season last year:
Shipping Pallet Card HolderShipping Pallet Card Holder

A second problem I need to fix is that the pallet didn’t stand terribly well on its own – I ended up leaning it against the wall. I could either add more to the bottom of the stand, or add a hanger to stabilize it on a wall.

Ornament Exchange


A while ago, I participated in an online handmade ornament exchange for a few years in a row. For these exchanges, each participant was assigned a group of 8-10 other participants. We each made enough ornaments for the others in our group, sent them out and waited for our 8-10 ornaments to arrive from the other group members.

The first year I participated, almost all of the ornaments I received were great – I loved them, and, in fact, still hang many of them on my tree. Second year, about half of the ornaments were great, and they still hang on my tree each year. Third year? Only a couple were worth keeping. The last straw was the ornament that consisted of a piece of white felt, cut in the shape of a candy cane with a few red stripes of puff paint. These are the ornaments *I* sent those years:
Swap ornaments Blanket Bear Ornaments Cookie cutter ornament

I couldn’t really say that the felt-candy-cane person didn’t fall the rules of the exchange — the only real rule was that it had to be homemade. I quit after that.

This year, I decided to gather a few of my crafty friends and do our own ornament exchange. I knew they wouldn’t phone it in. And I was right!

Here are a couple of the ornaments I made this year:

(I was inspired for these ornaments by Mamie Jane; Pinerest link.)

Then I started getting ornaments from my friends, and they were wonderful! Here are all this year’s exchange ornaments on the tree:

I made a couple of extra ornaments – they are all one-of-a-kind. Want one? Let me know the favorite ornament on your tree right now. Comment by Saturday, Dec 15 at midnight EST. I’ll announce a winner on Sunday.

Update We have a winner! Congrats to Jenny who wrote:

Fun! My favorite is a super-old one we had on our tree when I was a kid (and probably when my mom was a kid too)…It’s a (real) eggshell with the front cut off and a little angel inside.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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