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Spiffing up some crates


When my office-mate left, he left behind these little crates. They’re cute, but I thought they could be a little cuter.

Plain mini-crates

I drew out a simple pattern consisting of a bunch of rectangles, and rummaged through my fabric stash to see what I might want to use.

Sketch of a plan

The design was simple – a rectangle for each side of the crate at twice the height of the crate so I could fold it over and cover both the inside and outside. Then a single rectangle for the inside base of the crate.

I wanted two different fabrics to show on the outside, so this is what a single side looked like, before attaching it to the base.

One side-panel

With all the sides complete, I attached them to the bottom. I tried to leave a half-inch seam allowance on each corner, which would make sewing the sides together easier.

Four sides attached to base

I also pre-pressed the hem at the top of each side, figuring it would be easier to press them while they were flat than when I had sewn the sides together. Finally, I sewed the sides together to create a box…well, a box without a lid. And sewed my pre-pressed hems.

Sewn side seam

Moment of truth! I inserted the cover into one of the crates and folded over the sides. I think they turned out rather cute, if I do say so myself.

Much better

Finished crates inside

Finished crates

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