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Display your bling!


Over the past year I have trained for and completed two half marathons, two 10ks and a couple 5ks. Several of these races come with finisher medals. And these medals have been scattered around my office, with no good place to hang them. So, I decided I needed a rack to display them. Especially after completing the Dumbo Double Dare last weekend – I was really proud of accomplishing that, and needed to celebrate my accomplishment.

Collecting bling!

So, I picked up some supplies at JoAnn’s to make my own bling rack: an “inn keeper’s” sign, short dowels, empty thread spools, vintage-looking buttons, and paint.

Materials for a bling rack

I laid out the spools on my sign to see now many hooks I could fit.

Planning the hooks

The next step required a little math – planning out where the hooks should go.

Measuring the placement of the hooks

Next, I drilled the holes for the hooks. Any craft that involves the drill is a good craft in my book.

Drill! Drilling holes for the hooks

With the holes drilled, I could paint the pieces. I choose purple for the background, and pink, green and yellow for the other pieces. I also painted some letters to spell out “fly”, “run”, and “soar”. (I actually did both “fly” and “live”, since I hadn’t decided between the two.) I added white dots and stripes for a little detail.

Paint Details

Once the pieces were dry, I could start putting everything together. First I glued the dowels into the holes, then the spools onto the dowels.

Gluing in the dowels Adding the painted spools

Finally I added my words (decided on “fly” to celebrate Dumbo!) and put the vintage-looking buttons on the ends of the spools.


Once I put hangers on the back (which I’d forgotten at JoAnn’s), I hung up my rack and added all my bling!

Bling rack with bling


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