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A while ago, I participated in an online handmade ornament exchange for a few years in a row. For these exchanges, each participant was assigned a group of 8-10 other participants. We each made enough ornaments for the others in our group, sent them out and waited for our 8-10 ornaments to arrive from the other group members.

The first year I participated, almost all of the ornaments I received were great – I loved them, and, in fact, still hang many of them on my tree. Second year, about half of the ornaments were great, and they still hang on my tree each year. Third year? Only a couple were worth keeping. The last straw was the ornament that consisted of a piece of white felt, cut in the shape of a candy cane with a few red stripes of puff paint. These are the ornaments *I* sent those years:
Swap ornaments Blanket Bear Ornaments Cookie cutter ornament

I couldn’t really say that the felt-candy-cane person didn’t fall the rules of the exchange — the only real rule was that it had to be homemade. I quit after that.

This year, I decided to gather a few of my crafty friends and do our own ornament exchange. I knew they wouldn’t phone it in. And I was right!

Here are a couple of the ornaments I made this year:

(I was inspired for these ornaments by Mamie Jane; Pinerest link.)

Then I started getting ornaments from my friends, and they were wonderful! Here are all this year’s exchange ornaments on the tree:

I made a couple of extra ornaments – they are all one-of-a-kind. Want one? Let me know the favorite ornament on your tree right now. Comment by Saturday, Dec 15 at midnight EST. I’ll announce a winner on Sunday.

Update We have a winner! Congrats to Jenny who wrote:

Fun! My favorite is a super-old one we had on our tree when I was a kid (and probably when my mom was a kid too)…It’s a (real) eggshell with the front cut off and a little angel inside.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

5 Responses to “Ornament Exchange”

  1. Mathmama

    My favorite? Probably a seashell ornament that looks like an angel – we got it during a vacation to Pismo Beach, at a arts & crafts fair in Morrow Bay when I was preggo with our third kid. I love to buy ornaments on our vacations 🙂

  2. Melissa Josephson

    We have these antique hot air balloons that are just beautiful. They were my mom’s growing up. Not sure if they go back any farther. They are super fragile and we are super careful with them because we’d just cry if they were gone.

  3. Tanya

    Wow, these are beautiful. I’m completely inspired by people who have time to work and do amazing things like this. My favorite ornament on our tree isn’t an ornament exactly. It’s a clip-on bird and nest. Each year we find a little ‘cove’ in the tree to put the bird in so it is peeking out and visible, but also a little bit hidden, so it is a special treat for people to notice it. It is really old. It looks like it was hand-made from a real nest, with tiny glass balls for the eggs and a little bird on it.

  4. Jenny

    Fun! My favorite is a super-old one we had on our tree when I was a kid (and probably when my mom was a kid too)…It’s a (real) eggshell with the front cut off and a little angel inside.

  5. dj

    I agree, your ornaments are beautiful, Barb! My favorite ornament is a hand painted Scandinavian elf, purchased at Engebretson’s in Minneapolis.

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