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Simple adjustable necklace


I recently went to the Annapolis First Sunday Art Fair with a friend. She found a beautiful dichroic glass pendant. However, the pendant came with only a cord, not a necklace. She wanted to wear it without having to tie and untie the cord every time she put it on. I turned her cord into an adjustable necklace for her. It’s easy, and I thought I’d share the secret here.

Step 1: Insert the cord through the pendant’s bail.

Step 2: Overlap the two ends of the cord, and use one end to tie a knot around the other end.

Step 3: Now, using the other end of the cord and tie a knot around the cord.

This is what the cord will look like.

To make the necklace smaller, grasp the two knots and pull them apart.

To make the necklace longer, grasp the cord near each of the knots, and pull.

And here’s what the necklace looks like

One disadvantage to this type of necklace is that you can’t change out the pendant; however, I love that it’s adjustable so that I can make the pendant work with whatever shirt I decide to wear it with.

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Crafts on vacation


Are you like me? Always on the look-out for new and fun craft stores? Yeah, I can’t resist an independent craft store. On vacation, it’s even worse, because, of course, I can’t just go back later – I’ll be home by the time later rolls around!

I grew up in Minnesota, and my BFF and most of my family still lives there, so it is my most common vacation destination. Every time I go to Minnesota, I have to visit a couple of my favorite craft stores.

Crafty Planet

This is my go-to shop for fun, funky fabrics. You’ll pay more than a main-stream fabric store, but it doesn’t matter because you won’t find the fabrics at the main-stream stores.

They’ve also got patterns you won’t find elsewhere, lots of yarn and knitting supplies, and little treasures in every corner of the shop.

Here’s a purse I made from Space Invaders fabric I found at Crafty Planet last year.

The Bead Monkey

This is the bead shop by which I judge all others, and sadly I haven’t found any to measure up. Sure, I go to a few bead shops at home, but I’m usually disappointed and need to go to a couple of shops to find everything that I want. With the Bead Monkey? I get everything that I want (and more). The shop is full of inspiration, and if you know know where to start, their kits provide everything you need for a single project.

Both stores do on-line orders (and my BFF now works at Crafty Planet, so I get even more personal service if I need it), but nothing beats going into the store and fondling the fabric and beads.

Do you find craft shops on vacation? What is your favorite place to visit away from home? And what treasures should I look out for if I’m in your neighborhood?

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